Inline soldering robot reeco re 2100

Inline / offline soldering robot

Soldering robot 
Reeco RE-2100 

Equipped with a YAMAHA robotics arm the soldering robot reeco RE-2100 works wonders both inline - or it can support your SMT production as a standalone unit - depending on your production need. 

A conveyor transports of the PCB / workpiece downstream the SMT line. Soldering robot supports PCB's / workpieces up to W 350 x L 420 mm.

  - Working range: 350 x 420 x 150 mm + rotation head

About Reeco RE-2100 soldering robot

  • Supported applications:  W 350 x L 420 mm

  • Handled binder, diameter: 0,8 mm | 1,0 mm | 1,2 mm

  • Enable control the soldering profile for each point

  • Enable work in an automatic line
    - e.g. as a part of an PCB assembly line alongside with other devices

  • Automatic positioning of PCB / workpiece  
    (mechanical or vision system*)

  • Process parameters controlled by PLC

  • Tin feeder with optional feeding profile configuration

  • Tip cleaner, mechanical

    with + 40 different types of mechanical tip cleaners

  • Conveyor: inline transport of the PCB / workpiece 

  • Induction power available for a tip - 150 W

  • Machine size: L 1.337 x W 1.010 x H 1.752 mm

  • Machine weight: approx. 500 kg

  • Options  
    - a *vision system for workpiece positioning and solder inspection
    - Statistical data enabled via OPC UA protocol
    - product traceability
    - replacing the soldering head with one of other functionalities.

For more specifications about this inline soldering robot, download the product flyer below.

The robotics arm in the Reeco RE-2100 soldering robot is designed and manufactured by YAMAHA robotics

  • Maximum load 5 kg

  • Weight 22 kg

Contact us for more information about the soldering robots robotics arm.

Download soldering robot data sheet on Reeco RE-2100

Reeco RE-2100 info flyer

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RE-2100 soldering robot video

Product presentation video 
Get a closer look at the RE-2100 soldering robot from Reeco on this product presentation video. 

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