BTU pyramax 75a soldering reflow oven for SMT assembly line

A BTU reflow oven that heats with air

BTU Pyramax 75A

The soldering convection reflow oven BTU Pyramax 75a does reflow soldering with it's 6 heated zones. 

A solder reflow oven from BTU is tested technology that will ensure you a reliable reflow oven. That is why this BTU reflow oven; BTU Pyramax 75a is a good choice.

This Pyramax 75a is a high-end BTU air reflow solder oven is the smallest in the Pyramax range > click < to see the complete range. 

  - Total length 3.226 mm

About Pyramax 75A air reflow oven

  • High end convection Air reflow soldering oven

  • Total length 3.226 mm

  • 6 top & 3 bottom zones

  • Temperature max.: 350 Celsius

  • Heating length: 1.905 mm

  • Cooling length: 610 mm 

  • Option: Profile Guardian - a board level traceability tool to verify temperature download flyer

  • Low maintenance

  • Lifetime warranty on heaters and blowers

BTU Pyramax 75a inside for dual lane soldering

dual soldering in Pyramax 75a reflow oven

Inside BTU Pyramax 75a

Take a look inside the Pyramax 75A soldering reflow oven

Download datasheet on pyramax 75A with spec on the reflow oven

BTU Pyramax 75A spec sheet

Datasheet on 75A reflow oven
Soldering spec sheet to download or to print with more information on the BTU Pyramax 75A air reflow oven. 
Download to see more.


Reflow oven closed loop convection

BTU are experts in reflow ovens both air reflow ovens and nitrogen reflow ovens. 
See more about the Pyramax reflow ovens in the video. 

Get help to find out if the pyramax 75 is right for you

Is BTU Pyramax 75a right for you?

Do you wonder? Soldering reflow oven machinery for SMT lines is what we excel in. Do you have questions or need a price on the Pyramax 75a soldering reflow oven - just contact us.