150n z12 nitrogen reflow soldering oven from BTU

Nitrogen reflow soldering in assembly line

BTU Pyramax 150N z12

Pyramax 150n z12 have 12 heated zones and does nitrogen soldering. A soldering nitrogen atmosphere will give you increased joint reliability and performance. 

Add the Pyramax Profile Guardian and you obtain board level traceability and continuous oven heat monitoring.

This top quality nitrogen reflow solder oven have lifetime warranty on heaters and blowers. Feel safe choosing the 150n BTU reflow oven.

  - Total length 6.474 mm Software & advanced options >

About Pyramax 150N z12 nitrogen reflow soldering oven  

  • High-end Soldering nitrogen Reflow oven

  • Total length 6.474 mm

  • 12 top & 12 bottom zones

  • Maximum temperature: 350°C  (option 400°C)

  • Heating length: 3.810 mm

  • Cooling length: 1.168 mm 

  • Software & advanced options >

  • Innovative cooling system

  • Flux management system 

  • Low maintenance

  • Lifetime warranty on heaters and blowers

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150N z12 datasheet

Info sheet on BTU Pyramax 150N z12 reflow oven | Here you find all BTU Pyramax 150N z12 soldering reflow oven specifications to download with more information on the reflow oven.


BTU reflow oven

Closed loop convection control | BTU are experts in reflow ovens both air reflow ovens and nitrogen reflow ovens. 
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