BTU Aurora 150n nitrogen reflow oven

A nitrogen reflow oven for assembly line

Aurora 150N BTU reflow oven 

The new and improved BTU reflow oven platform; Aurora offers a new user interface with e.g. icon buttons as menu, improved monitoring dashboard & a configurable user home screen. Conveyor width is 620 mm (single lane) / 2 x 305 mm (dual lane) as a standard. The conveyor speed is 0,254 to 2,54 m/min.

Because Aurora 150 includes a unique configuration flexibility on 4 out of the total of 16 heating & cooling zones, it can be setup to fit any PCB assembly production.  

Tip! Do you produce large & heavy PCBs - or just need more reflow cooling? If yes, you can configure the Aurora 150N reflow oven to have 6 cooling zones and 10 heating zones. 

  - Total length 6.490 mm

About Aurora 150N - a BTU reflow oven

  • Soldering atmosphere: N2 nitrogen 

  • Total length 6.490 mm

  • Heating zones: 12 top + 12 bottom

  • Cooling zones: 4 top + 3 bottom
  • Maximum temperature: 350°C  (option 425°C)

  • Heating length: 3.792 mm

  • Cooling length: 1.264 mm 

  • Option: Profile guardian - a board level traceability tool to verify temperature download flyer

  • Option: Aqua scrub - flux management technology

  • Innovative cooling system

  • Flux management system 

  • Low maintenance

  • Lifetime warranty on heaters and blowers

BTU Aurora 150N brochure

More Aurora 150N info & specifications 

Download the Aurora 150N BTU reflow oven brochure to dive into all the reflow oven details, options and configuration possibilities. 


Introduction to the Aurora reflow oven

Closed loop convection control | We invite you to look at this introduction of the newest BTU innovation; the AURORA reflow oven.

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