YAMAHA SMT maintenance & remote support

The YAMAHA SMT maintenance package includes several useful supportive tools that support your production lines both with remote support and on-demand service visits onsite when an issue occurs, in combination with preventing activities as service contracts for planned maintenance visits onsite.

The YAMAHA maintenance YsUP remote support software is a part of YAMAHA SMT's new software platform.

Remote support workflow

Allow support staff to assist you with issue evolvement and provide advice that train, and in many cases teach, factory employee to solve similar issues in the future.
Reducing downtime and loss of production now and in the future.
YAMAHA SMT YSUP remote support workflow illustration

YAMAHA equipment diagnostics analyzing tools

Issue solving & support assisting

Each YAMAHA machine keeps log records on every aspect of operation. The logged data can be analyzed to help find and resolve issues. Our service and support staff assist YAMAHA SMT users by reviewing historic data and providing resolutions to improve production efficiency.

Remote machine support can be used to obtain the factory's productions logs

production logs

Remote machine support can be used to obtain the factory's productions logs.

Visualizing production logs and analyze production loss with remote support

dashboards to

  • Visualize production logs

  • Analyze production loss

retrive SMT production logs from YAMAHA SMT machines with YSUP remote support

machine logs to

Enable YAMAHA service engineer to deliver information and reports to issue solve and support loss reduction.

Actions & prevention

We offer an aftersales service menu with service contracts for planned maintenance visits onsite, and on demand maintenance visits

Questions about the YsUP remote support package

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