2D X-ray Techvalley TVX-im9000F inspection system

PCB X-ray inspection equipment

2D X-ray Techvalley TVX-im9000F inspection

To inspect and detect defects that is out of plain sight on your assembled PCB e.g. inside of shield parts, hidden solder joints etc. that an AOI machine can not inspect, you need a 2D X-ray PCB inspection system like TVX-IM9000F.
The Techvalley TVX-IM9000F stands out because the x-ray inspection does not reduce magnification even though the x-ray tube is tilted up to 50 degrees.
Option: Automatic X-ray inspection function can be added according to your company's needs.

  - Inspects heavy & large products up to: 5 kg / 480 x 480 mm

About 2D X-ray Techvalley TVX-im9000F inspection system

The 2D x-ray inspection machine: Techvalley TVX-IM9000F has a table size capacity of 480 x 480 mm / up to 5 kg.

2D X-ray sealed tube

  • X-ray tube voltage range: 20 ~ 110 kV

  • mA range inside X-ray tube: 0 ~ 0.25 mA

  • Minimum focal spot size: < 5㎛

  • Feature recognition:  2,5㎛

X-ray image detector

  • 5 inch flat panel detector 

  • Magnification: approx. x 120 

  • Resolution: 6,9 mega pixel

  • ADC: 14Bit

4-axis (X, Y, Z + detector Tilt)

  • X axis 500 mm

  • Y axis 500 mm

  • Z axis 200 mm

  • Tilt 50°

X-ray display, image & processing

  • Filters kind of Enhancement, Sharpening, Blur, Median, Pseudo color, Edge finder LUT, etc.

  • Save Image & supply split screen

  • Manual Measurement available;  distance, diameter, angle, etc.

Computer & system

  • CPU: Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge 3.330 / LAN CARD

  • RAM: Samsung DDR3 8GB PC3-12.800

  • SDD: 128 GB / HDD: SEAGATE 1TB / 7.200 rpm


  • 24" LCD Monitor & 19” CCTV Monitor

Machine size: 1.372 x 1.534 x 1.623 mm (W x D x H)
Machine weight: 1.650 kg.

  • Dual safety sensor on the door

  • Shield cabinet to prevent X-ray leak

  • Design and fabrication is approved by Nuclear Safety Technologies

2D x-ray performed by TVX-im9000F of QFN

2D x-ray picture of QFN picture performed by Techvalley TVX-im9000F

2D x-ray performed by TVX-im9000F of BGA

Download TVX-IM9000F 2d X-ray inspection brochure

Download 2d X-ray inspection brochure

Download the Techvalley flyer with info and spec on the TVX-IM9000F. In the flyer you find 2d x-ray information from the manufacture for the TVX-IM9000F x-ray inspection system.


Video of PCB X-ray inspection system

Techvalley TVX-IM9000F | Get a better understanding of how the 2D x-ray system for pcb x-ray inspection TVX-IM9000F from Techvalley works on this presentation video.

Price on 2D x-ray techvalley TVX IM9000F x-ray inspection system

Price or info on PCB X-ray inspection unit

We are ready to answer all questions about this 2D x-ray system to ensure that this pcb x ray inspection equipment is right for your company. Naturally we can also provide you the price.