PCB workstation conveyors

We offer PCB workstation conveyors from NUTEK

PCB workstation conveyors

Inspect or work manually on your boards inline with a PCB workstation

An inline PCB workstation conveyor system from Nutek is specifically designed for streamlined visual inspections, manual assembly tasks, and repair activities, all without the need to remove the PCB from the production line.

Nutek's inline workstation conveyors are available in various lengths, each equipped with one or more conveyor belts, segmented areas for buffering, and several standard features such as work and bypass modes.

In 'bypass mode,' these PCB workstation conveyors efficiently transport the PCBs as if they were linking conveyor, facilitating seamless integration into your manufacturing process.

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PCB Workstation, basic

Nutek pcb workstation
Work, repair and do visual inspect on your PCB boards inline with this Nutek workstation with conveyor.

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PCB workstation, advanced

Advanced Nutek pcb workstation
Advanced PCB workstation conveyor with color touchscreen, in- & output diagnostics and multi level user access.

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