Nutek inline workstation conveyor is a versatile pcb workstation

Nutek inline workstation conveyor NTM 530ws

Nutek inline workstation

The Nutek inline workstation conveyor is a versatile PCB workstation that comes in 3 versions / sizes to suit your specific needs.

In line workstations for PCB assembly is used for in-line visual inspection, manual assembly or repair activities without removing the PCB from the line.

Nutek in line workstations come in various lengths, 1 or more belt segments for buffer purposes and many standard features including work- and bypass mode. 

  - Max. PCB size: M: 457 x 250 mm | L: 457 x 407 mm | XL: 460 x 460 mm

About Nutek inline workstation NTM 530ws

The Nutek inline workstations comes as standard  with:

  • Multi zone concept available, standard segment length is 500 mm.

  • Work and by-pass function selectable.

  • Conveyor width adjustment using hand crank.

  • Centre PCB stop position

  • Enhanced stability.

  • ESD scallop table

  • PCB release button

  • Dual transfer speed last segment 

  • ESD bracelet connection.

  • Foot rest.

  • Sliding parts shelf.

  • LED overhead lighting.

  • CE certified.

    Unit size & weight: download data sheet below to get all specifications on teh 2 versions of the in-line workstation.

Nice options to the Nutek inline workstation conveyor 

  • Non standard conveyor / segment lengths

  • Variable speed per segment

  • Dual speed per segment

  • Electrical conveyor width adjustment

  • Automatic conveyor width adjustment

  • Extra part shelf

  • Bin rail

  • PCB release foot switch

  • Other options available on request - contact us for this

Nutek inline workstation spec sheet

Nutek inline workstation spec sheet

Download datasheet | Find all technical info, specifications and measurements on the 3 inline workstation units from Nutek in the datasheet available for download here.

A price on Nutek inline workstation conveyor or questions nutek workstations

Nutek inline workstation price or questions?

We are happy to assist you | If you seek a price or have questions on all or one of the 3 workstation versions. You have come to the right place.
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