Advanced Nutek inline workstation NTA 530

Nutek inline workstation

The advanced Nutek workstation NTA 530 is used in the PCB assembly production line. The advanced inline workstation comes with a color touchscreen display (4.3") that allows easy operation.

As a standard the advanced workstation NTA 530 Nutek can store 2.000 product programs / recipes, multi-level user access and input & output diagnostics shown on the workstation’s touchscreen display.

  - Max. PCB size:  M: 330 x 250 mm | XL: 460 x 460 mm

The advanced Nutek inline workstations comes as standard  with:

  • Automatic conveyor width adjustment

  • Stainless steel PCB side guides

  • Separate PCB release button

  • Selectable 'Inspect' and 'Bypass' modes

  • Dual speed (adjustable PCB transfer out speed)

  • Touchscreen display in full color 4,3" 

  • In- & output diagnostics displayed on touchscreen

  • Advanced graphic Human Machine Interface (HMI)

  • 2000 product programs/recipes storage

  • Multi level user access control

  • Ethernet connection for network interface

  • ESD work table

  • ESD bracelet connection

  • Foot rest

  • Sliding part shelve (straight)

  • LED overhead lighting

  • Controlled by PLC & fully CE certified

  • Workstation size & weight: Download data sheet below to get all specifications on the 2 NTA 530 models

Nice options to the advanced NUTEK 530 workstation:   

  • IPC-HERMES-9852 communication

  • Remotely accessible PLC

  • Software: Line Control

  • Software: Automatic product change-over by Nutek leader

  • Reject fingers for good / bad PCB separation

  • Variable speed

  • Multi zone concept

  • Custom made length upon specification

  • 0-15° angle sliding part shelve

  • Alarm buzzer

  • Other options available on request - contact us for this