Advanced Nutek inline workstation is a versatile for PCB assembly

Advanced Nutek inline workstation NTA 530

Nutek inline workstation

The advanced Nutek workstation NTA 530 is used in the PCB assembly production line. The advanced inline workstation comes with a 4.3" color touchscreen display that allows easy operation.

As a standard the advanced workstation NTA 530 Nutek can store 2.000 product programs / recipes, multi-level user access and input & output diagnostics shown on the workstation’s touchscreen display.

  - Max. PCB size: M: 330 x 250 mm | XL: 460 x 460 mm

About advanced Nutek inline workstation NTA 530

The advanced Nutek inline workstations comes as standard  with:

  • Automatic conveyor width adjustment

  • Stainless steel PCB side guides

  • Separate PCB release button

  • Selectable 'Inspect' and 'Bypass' modes

  • Dual speed (adjustable PCB transfer out speed)

  • Touchscreen display in full color 4,3" 

  • In- & output diagnostics displayed on touchscreen

  • Advanced graphic Human Machine Interface (HMI)

  • 2000 product programs/recipes storage

  • Multi level user access control

  • Ethernet connection for network interface

  • ESD work table

  • ESD bracelet connection

  • Foot rest

  • Sliding part shelve (straight)

  • LED overhead lighting

  • Controlled by PLC & fully CE certified

  • Workstation size & weight: Download data sheet below to get all specifications on the 2 NTA 530 models

Nice options to the advanced NUTEK 530 workstation:   

  • IPC-HERMES-9852 communication

  • Remotely accessible PLC

  • Software: Line Control

  • Software: Automatic product change-over by Nutek leader

  • Reject fingers for good / bad PCB separation

  • Variable speed

  • Multi zone concept

  • Custom made length upon specification

  • 0-15° angle sliding part shelve

  • Alarm buzzer

  • Other options available on request - contact us for this

Specifications on the advanced Nutek inline workstation NTA 530ws

Advanced Workstation data

Download Nutek advanced workstation datasheet | Find all technical info, specifications and measurements on the nutek 530 workstation advanced inline workstation in the datasheet available for download here. 

A price on the advanced Nutek inline workstation nta 530

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