PCB loader unloader & destacker

The start and finish of SMT production lines loading, unloading and destacking boards in and out of SMT line

PCB Loader & PCB unloader

Start and finish conveyors for PCB assembly line - PCB loader, PCB unloader & PCB destacker

Load, unload and destack PCB's from your assembly line is first and last conveyor in the SMT production line. CORE-emt offers PCB loaders, PCB unloaders and PCB destacker conveyors from NUTEK. 

If you don't find the e.g. the PCB board loader you are looking for below, please contact us as we have more PCB magazine loader & PCB unloader conveyor options than shown here.

See all our PCB board handling conveyors.

PCB loader for electronics assembly

Loader, single

Nutek loader for 1 magazine | A durable single PCB loader conveyor for electronics assembly. The Nutek single loader is a durable board loader. 

Dual PCB loader for PCB production

Loader, dual

Nutek loader for 2 magazines | Transport boards at a higher volume to your assembly line with this high capacity dual loader from Nutek

Unload your PCB boards with this UNL unloader unit.

Unloader, single

Nutek unloader for 1 magazine | Take a closer look at the Nutek single unloader. Find all info about this single PCB unloader conveyor on this page. 

PCB destacker for PCB assembly


Nutek destacker | See our PCB board destacker conveyor from Nutek. The is both a large stack and fast PCB destacker for assembly lines.

Expert guidance on PCB loading and unloading

Help or a price?

Expert guidance on PCB loading and unloading | Don't hesitate to contact us if you want a price on a Nutek PCB loader unloader board handling.