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NTM710 Nutek PCB loader

Nutek loader with a single loader magazine

A PCB board loader is the first step in transporting PCB's in your SMT assembly line with automated board handling equipment like this Nutek loader that transport the PCB from the single magazine loader to the rirst machine in your pcb assembly line. 

This efficient PCB board loader is a single pcb loader from the brand Nutek. An Nutek loader conveyor is known for it's durability. Expect that this PCB loader equipment will be a win for your assembly line. A PCB loader like this Nutek single PCB loader is the first step in a well functioning SMT line.

  - Magazine based assembly line loader

About Nutek loader with a single loader magazine

Nutek NTM710 - the Nutek board loader features:

  • 2 different sizes*
  • The magazine is first manually placed on the platform and then clamped in position.

  • Magazine exchange from the rear of the loader.

  • Flexible platform to suit standard magazines.

  • Position for magazine is adjustable to centre it.

  • Regulated pressure on attached pneumatic pusher.

  • Comes with towerlight that show machine status.

  • Select pitch by settings.

  • CE certified.

    *Download spec sheet below to get all specifications

The Nutek bare board loader conveyor comes these options:

  • Touchscreen display

  • Alarm buzzer

  • Front-side magazine loading

  • Hybrid magazine

  • Note that other options are available on request

This PCB loader conveyor from Nutek is the Nutek loader single magazine

Nutek loader flyer

Download NTM710 loader specifications Retrieve all the specifications and more info on the Nutek loader conveyor with single magazine PCB conveyor from Nutek.

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