Assembly Dual loader

Nutek dual loader magazine based

This Nutek dual loader - is made i 3 versions / sizes - they are all dual PCB loader conveyors. Transporting the PCB from the magazine to the next machine in your SMT assembly line. All 3 PCB dual loaders from Nutek have build-in shuttle conveyor that  receives the pulled boards. The shuttle conveyor moves sideways between the 2 magazines.

Apart from this dual loader the company Nutek have several loader & unloaders and a huge range of other PCB conveyor board handling equipment you will find on our page.

 - Magazine based dual loader

Nutek dual loader is made in 3 versions / sizes
- you will find their standard features here:

  • Towerlight that show machine status.

  • Magazines are manually placed on the platform and will be clamped into position.

  • Tailor made to the magazine of your choice.

  • Regulated pressure on the integrated pull cylinder.

  • Ball screw driven positioning on shuttle conveyor.

  • Conveyor width adjustmened by using hand wheel.

  • Selectable pitch settings.

  • Controlled by PLC and CE certified.

  • Machine size: see all 3 sizes in data sheet below

  • Machine weigh: see all 3 in data sheet below

    Download spec sheet below  & get all specifications on the 3 Nutek dual loader versions.

Options to PCB dual loader from Nutek :

  • Shortened cycle time with the servo drive upgrade

  • Electrical conveyor width adjustment

  • Automatic conveyor width adjustment

  • Puller moves at ratio 1:2 to conveyor width

  • Increase magazine capacity with rotating pull cylinder

  • Hybrid magazine

  • Dual direction for same side loading / unloading

  • Touchscreen display

  • Alarm buzzer

  • On request other options available