Systronic CL500 stencil cleaning

SYSTRONIC two chamber stencil cleaning unit

This CL 500 stencil cleaning unit has two chambers. The first is for washing and second chamber is a dry chamber. Rinsing happens between the chambers.
This means that you can start the next cleaning process while another product is still in the drying chamber.

This SYSTRONIC CL500 model is both economical and green with its very low consumption of cleaning chemistry and water - about half of the other stencil cleaning Systronic systems. 

  - best suited for cleaning stencils & squeegee blades for PCB assembly

SYSTRONIC CL500 is made for cleaning stencils, squeegee blades and misprints from solder paste.

  • Capacity: 

    - Three chambers: 2 Stencil / frame

    - Usable chamber size: 800 x 800 x 40 mm

  • Chemistry: pH-neutral or alcaline / DI-water

  • Tank sizes: 1 x 75 liter + 1 x 50 liter - a closed loop system

    - upgradable to a PCB cleaner

  • Process time: approx. 16 min.

  • Throughput : 140 cycles / day

  • Machine size: L 2.500 x  W 900 x H 1.500 mm

  • Machine weight: approx. 550 kg.

SYSTRONIC CL500 needs stencil cleaning detergent. See the Systronic cleaning chemistry here: