Soldering robot ICT SR300 for automatic soldering

ICT soldering robot - automatic soldering

4 Axis Soldering robot ITC sr300

With a 4 axis soldering robot - X/Y/Z axis and R (rotation) axis - you get a multiangled and flexible soldering robot that is perfect to perform soldering tasks that is not suitable for reflow soldering and wave soldering.

This 4 axis soldering robot ICT SR300 it's perfect for soldering heat sensitive components and devices in the SMT back-end process, where the automatic soldering robot solders e.g.: wires, charger plugs, connector plugs, DC terminals, LED strip, etc. to perfection.

  - Working range: 300 x 300 x 80 mm + rotation head

About the 4 axis soldering robot ITC sr300

 ICT SR300 4 axis soldering robot

  • Model: SR300

  • AXIS - R:  360-degree rotation
    - moving speed: 300°/s

  • AXIS - X/Y/Z:

    - working range: 300 x 300 x 80 mm

    - moving speed: X/Y axis: 600 - 800 mm/s. 

    - moving speed: Z axis: 400 mm/s.

  • Repeat accuracy: ±0.02 mm

  • Temperature range: 0 - 550 C°

  • Soldering method: Spot / drag soldering

  • Iron Tin cleaning: Air cleaning / pneumatic

  • Soldering wire:  Φ 0.6 -1.2 mm solder wire

  • Linear guide: Double linear guide

  • Control system: Motion control card

  • Program storage: 999 programs and a single program can occupy up to about 10 MB storage space (max 1.000 soldering points in a program)

  • File storage space: Handheld display about 10 MB (max of 1.000 soldering points in total)

  • Document support: File copy between machines

  • External interface: USB  

  • Voltage: AC220V ± 10%, 50 / 60Hz

  • Working temperature: 0 - 40 C°

  • Working humidity: 20 - 90% RH

  • Machine dimension: 620 x 660 x 770 mm

  • Weight: 60 kg

ICT SR300 4 axis soldering robot smart features:

  1. Spot and drag soldering, multi-angle soldering and automatic cleaning.

  2. Teaching programming enables the user to implement all kinds of hand soldering functions that is needed and required. 

  3. Intelligent control system achieves accurate speed, time, temperature, and quantity of solder can be adjusted and controlled.

  4. Program calibration achieves workpiece integral coordinate position compensation. 

  5. Fast program loading and removal makes program changeover easy and fast.  

          4 Axis Soldering robot ITC sr300 flyer

          4 Axis Soldering robot ITC sr300 flyer

          What is a perfect supplement to your SMT line it is. Feel free to download the SR300 soldering robot flyer. In the flyer you find more info and specifications about the 4 axis soldering robot SR300.


          Soldering robot ICT SR300 video

          Soldering Robot - take a closer look
          Get an up close look at this 4 axis soldering robot SR300. This soldering robot is perfect for your SMT back-end process. 

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