150th new YAMAHA machine is installed
by CORE-emt

The 150th new YAMAHA machine is installed

Jubilee unit to Nordic industries & technologies - the no. 150 new YAMAHA machine

Our 150th new YAMAHA machine has been delivered and installed in Sweden.

The 150th jubilee model is a YAMAHA YSM20r Pick & Place machine that will be a significant part of the second SMT assembly line at Nordic Industries and technologies.

The delivery of our 150th new YAMAHA unit, that is a big deal for us’ Steen V. Haugbølle, CORE-emt’s founder shares and continue ‘It marks both a milestone, but it is also such a significant number of new YAMAHA machines in our area, that establishes our position as a strong SMT partner.’

Congratulations to Håkan Svensson and his colleagues at Nordic Industries and technologies with their new SMT line that includes the 150th jubilee model.

Steen Haugbølle hans over jubilee unit to Nordic industries & technologies's Håkan Svensson
Steen V. Haugbølle handing over the new YAMAHA 150th jubilee unit to Håkan Svensson VP at Nordic Industries and technologies.

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