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AAA rated for the highest creditworthiness 

Yet again an AAA rated for highest creditworthiness is given to CORE-emt

The AAA rating show that CORE-emt as a strong SMT partner, run a healthy and professional business that offer the complete SMT line solutions that their market is demanding.

When OEM or EMS companies invest in SMT machinery they want the security that their SMT partner will be around to support and service them for years to come. The AAA credit rating signals precisely that CORE-emt will be around for years to come. 

CORE-emt is proud that we again this year can announce that we have maintained the highest credit rating. The AAA rating is based on the Binode credit rating system.

Our continued high AAA rating proves to CORE-emt customers and suppliers that CORE-emt is a stable and healthy company that has a strong financial foundation.

AAA credit rating

AAA credit rating

What does it mean? An AAA credit rating means that the company with an exceedingly strong ability to meet current payment obligations.

a healthy SMT partner story

More about us

Get to know us better | CORE-emt was founded in 2011 by Steen V. Haugbølle. Since then a lot have happens - read about some of it here.

The Bisnode's credit rating is an expression of a company's creditworthiness and ability to survive. The rating is calculated from a mathematical algorithm based on more than 2,400 decision rules. These decision rules are based on the sub-assessments of basic data, ownership, finances and payment experience.

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