Accurate solder printing process
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Accurate solder printing process

By optimizing, correcting and working smart with you solder print process you can obtain a more accurate solder printing process. 


How to minimize stencil folding during solder application

Minimizing the stencils movement that appear from the squeegee’s print stroke is key, when aiming for the highest accuracy in your solder printing process.

By locking the board with vacuum during solder application you take a huge step closer towards higher accuracy in your solder printing process. 

Vacuum lock is found in YAMAHA solder printers.

Easy adjustment of solder print position to the spot on your PCB that requires the highest accuracy 

By shifting the solder printing fixture point from the fiducials to the most critical solder printing spot on the board, you can achieve a more accurate solder printing process.

Aligning and a adjusting the PCB & Stencil on that one crucial spot on the board, only takes a few clicks, as this advanced solder printing feature is made easy and user friendly by YAMAHA SMT.

We call it the visual match feature, because it allows you to visually align and adjust the solder printer pictures from the:

➡️ PCB recognition camera
➡️ Stencil recognition camera

Visual match is a YAMAHA Screen printer feature.


How to eliminate dried solder flakes in your solder printing process

To eliminate solder flakes entirely. Ensuring that no solder dries on your squeegee blade during production is essential. 

When using the unique YAMAHA 3S squeegee for both the forward & backward stroke, no solder paste dries during production, if you let the solder roll fill > 50% of squeegee.


Why let the solder roll fill > 50% of squeegee?
To create a solder overlap with the solder roll size. The overlap eliminates drying of the solder paste, that turns into dried solder flakes, as there will be no unused part of the squeegee where solder can dry.

Production example: 
Set the solder roll diameter to 55% of the 3S squeegee width. Created is an overlap of 10%* solder from the forward stroke to the backward stroke, that eliminates any potential dry solder patches the squeegee.

➡️ 55% solder roll in forward stroke 
 ↕️  *10 % solder overlap
⬅️ 55% solder roll in backward stroke

To maintain the wanted solder rolling diameter. The YAMAHA Print Stability System automatically checks & adds the solder paste during printing.

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