Celebrating 10 years as a strong SMT partner

Celebrating 10 years as a strong SMT partner

Back in 2011 a visionary man set out to offer electronics companies a new concept - He did so because he had seen an emerging trend, had a vision about how a strong SMT partner could make a difference for electronics companies. 10 years ago, the company became a reality. 

Steen V. Haugbølle was that man – and the company is CORE-emt.

10-year milestone is reached thanks to you

We are grateful and fully aware that the last 10 years where we have built long-lasting and trust-based relationships with our customers in Scandinavia and the Baltic region, that is the whole reason why we are able to reach this milestone in 2021. 

A heartfelt thank you to customers for being an important part of the story of CORE-emt, not just by using our production equipment, but humble thankfulness for 10 years of collaborating with us and trusting that we will provide you the solutions, training, maintenance, and the support you need. 

CORE-emt founder Steen V. Haugbølle thanks you for enabling us to reach 10-year milestone
Steen V. Haugbølle, CORE-emt founder
Getting to 10 year anniversary has been a team effort as shown on the pictureThe CORE-emt service team on an installation job

It has been a team effort

Serving customers is a team effort – and every single dedicated CORE-emt employees’ have continuous been a key factor in CORE-emt’s growth and development in the past 10 years.

We value and thank all present and former team members for all your hard work, contribution and dedication to customers, business partners and the CORE-emt team in the last decade.

Within the very first year Steen V. Haugbølle employed his first employee which was the first step towards the 9 employees CORE-emt consists of today.

10-year anniversary - let's meet

Exactly the day CORE-emt opened 10 years ago - you can meet us at EOT expo 

Looking down
memory lane

Highlights and everyday moments from the last 10 years

A lot has happened in the last 10 years at CORE-emt.

Great highlights, happy times, challenges, educational days and every day moments in-between that combined is the company story of CORE-emt.

 - 10 years as a strong SMT partner!

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