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CORE-emt a healthy SMT partner

For the 3rd year in a row CORE-emt is AAA rated for highest creditworthiness

Being in the electronics industry, we are working in a world of constant change. This places continuously high demands on everyone in and around the electronics business including us CORE-emt.

I am proud to announce that CORE-emt yet again is AAA rated for the highest creditworthiness. As the 3rd year in a row.’ state Steen V. Haugbølle, managing director at CORE-emt.

10 years as a strong & healthy SMT partner!

The highest creditworthiness rating gives CORE-emt customers and suppliers, the assurance that CORE-emt is a healthy and strong company with a solid financial foundation to build long lasting and healthy business and collaboration.

Our customers can rest assure that CORE-emt is a trustworthy and healthy company, that you can rely on to provide and deliver quality solutions for many years to come.

For me and the CORE-emt team the AAA rating that is an important safety to our customers in Scandinavia & the Baltic region, who all deserve a strong SMT partner to deliver high-end assembly line equipment combined with superb service.’ Ends Steen V. Haugbølle.

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For years, CORE-emt have focused on running a healthy company with a solid financial foundation. 

With Bisnode's highest AAA creditworthiness rating, CORE-emt feel that we have an official proof and recognition that our business concept is solid and our hard work pays off.

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