CORE-emt A/S completes product line
with new german cooperation

ENG: It is our pleasure to present ACHAT5 as a supplier of board handling.

CORE-emt A/S and ACHAT5 has signed an agreement and we look forward to meeting our customers and introduce you to ACHAT5’s products will be featured on the E-12 fair.

ACHAT5’s products are on our website under

 board handling >>

Achat5 PCB conveyor board handling
CORE-emt is Achat5 conveyor supplier

DK: Det er vores fornøjelse at præsentere ACHAT5 som leverandør af board handling.

CORE-emt A/S og ACHAT5 har indgået aftale, og vi ser frem til at møde vores kunder og præsentere jer for ACHAT5’s produkter, som vil blive fremvist på E-12 messen.

ACHAT5’s produkter er tilgængelig på vores hjemmeside under emnet:  

board handling >>

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