Expanding into the Baltic region
with YAMAHA SMT & BTU reflow ovens

​CORE-emt announcement

CORE-emt is expanding into the Baltic region

The complete SMT line from one supplier concept - now also available in the Baltic region

CORE-emt is expanding into the Baltic region

'This is exciting news...

... and finally we can share with you! CORE-emt extends territory by expanding into the Baltic region' state a happy Steen V. Haugbølle, Managing Director at CORE-emt. 
"The expansion into new territory is a huge bonus for our existing and new customers. As the expansion is complemented with the recent years added manpower & new knowledge within the CORE-emt sale and service department"

Steen continuous "We have especially been strengthening our in-house service department to ensure our high-leveled service in both Scandinavia & the Baltic region"

YAMAHA SMT in the baltic region

CORE-emt will exclusively be offering

 - YAMAHA SMT machinery in Scandinavia and the Baltic country Estonia. 

Pyramax reflow ovens from BTU in both Scandinavia & the full Baltic region.

The YAMAHA SMT machinery and the BTU Pyramax reflow ovens make a perfect union. We have carefully picked both these brands, as they are durable and work perfectly together.

Close to the Baltic region

When Kai Koivunen was appointed as the sales representative in Finland in 2016, CORE-emt got a lot closer to the Baltic region. 

With Kai at the CORE-emt office in Helsinki, it's only natural that Kai is the main contact for both our Finnish & Baltic customers.

CORE-emt is close to the Baltic region

CORE-emt is expanding into the Baltic region by adding Estonia to our market area as the exclusive YAMAHA SMT supplier.


CORE-emt expanding into the 3 Baltic countries as the sole exclusive BTU reflow oven supplier.


CORE-emt A/S expanded their activities into the Finland with Finnish Kai Koivunen as CORE-emt sales representative. 


CORE-emt A/S began supplying the Scandinavian market as a exclusive YAMAHA SMT supplier.

CORE-emt started their collaboration with BTU International as exclusive Pyramax reflow oven supplier.


Steen V. Haugbølle founded CORE-emt A/S


A strong SMT partner in the Baltics

CORE-emt will bring their strong concept  - a complete SMT line from one supplier - to the Baltic region. This concept gives OEM and EMS company's a strong SMT partner, and the concept is what CORE-emt have build their success on in Scandinavia.  

The complete SMT line machinery is supplemented with our strong in-house service team. That is why we confidently state: CORE-emt - a strong SMT partner!

A strong SMT partner in the Baltics
YAMAHA Screen Printer YSP10
Now available in Scandinavia