How to handle warpaged PCB's in Pick & Place machine

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How to handle warpaged PCB’s in Pick & Place machine

The struggle is real in the double-sided PCB assembly process. Component placement on a bended PCB is a challenge, that mostly occur on the boards second side, due to warpage from soldering process.

Working with warpaged PCB's in Pick & Place machine

Using the board warpage measurement software tool, that laser measures and calculates the precise board surface levels, on each board.

Based on the advanced surface measurements a simulated leveling is created, that compensates for the PCB’s bend surface, in the component mounting process.

➡️ Taking back accuracy that warpage causes loss of.

Board warpage measuring software for pick & place machines is available to YAMAHA mounters

Handle warpaged PCB’s in Pick & Place machine with board warpage measurement software

Handling double-sided PCB assembly process


After first side soldering, warpage is a factor you need handle,
as a level and supported surface is key for accurate component mounting.

Supporting PCB's in double sided PCB assembly

How to support PCB's in double sided PCB assembly in Pick & Place machine

After completion of first side of the PCB assembly, it is time to mount on the PCB's second side.
In-between the already mounted components on the first side, supporting pins are set below the board before the
crucial second side mounting.

Due to space limitations for the supporting pins, on the already mounted side, focus on extremely accurate pin support placement, calculated from Gerber data, to set your supporting pins:

➡️ to create optimum support for second side mounting
➡️ to not to disrupt the boards finished first side 

So you see, no matter the amount of warpage, pin support set below the PCB in the component placement is relevant.

YAMAHA SMT offers timesaving automatic pin support placement & exchange system option for their Pick & Place machines that uses Gerber data to take precise pin support placement to a higher level. 

Curious and want to know more?

For more information about board warpage measurement software and automatic pin support placement & exchange.

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