New sales representative
at CORE-emt A/S

Welcome Allan

The 1st of October we have recruited Allan Aalestrup as a representative in Sales. Allan has many years of experience in sales to the electronics industry.

Allan’s responsibilities will be sales of: 

  • High-precision etched stencils and squeegees, as well as items in sheet metal for many different applications

  • ESD products: Clothes, soldering equipment, storage systems and complete workstations.

  • Para Tech Coating: Unique patented polymer coating technology. Resistance to include oils, acids, bases, and general corrosion. The technique is developed by NASA for the aerospace industry.

  • HD inspection equipment and microscopes from Optilia.

We hope you will have a good co-operation with Allan.

Find contact information to our sales team here.

Insepction cameras & microscopes
from Optilia