Precision PCB rework made easy: Meet the JCB hot air soldering station and its soldering tip range
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Precision PCB rework made easy
Meet the JCB hot air soldering station and its soldering tip range 

Introducing the JCB JNASE station – your go-to solution for precise PCB rework using hot air soldering, designed to safeguard nearby components. With this station, you can perform delicate rework at the perfect temperature, pinpointing areas of interest without causing any collateral damage.

This cutting-edge tool excels in high-precision rework, making it suitable for components as tiny as 01005, even in those hard-to-reach spots that require magnification for accuracy.

Our JBC hot air soldering tips are engineered to handle even the smallest parts, from 01005 to SOIC-8, ensuring consistent and top-notch results without any risk of harm. Available in both straight and bend configurations, these tips, used with the JBCs high-precision hot air station, offer precise control over airflow and temperature, making them an ideal choice for delicate SMDs.

woman reworking PCB with the JBC hot air soldering station

Whether you're in the electronics manufacturing industry or managing PCB rework in your company, explore our range of JBC soldering systems and tools to experience unparalleled precision and performance.

Workflow videos of PCB rework with the JBC hot air soldering station and its soldering tips


See the JBC JNASE high-precision hot air station in action – bringing precision and ease to your PCB rework.

Take a look at the range of JBC hot air soldering tips – perfect for all your PCB rework needs.
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