Superior coating for electronics
Parylene coating

Parylene coating is versatile
& serve many purposes

Developed by NASA and MIL approved. A unique, powerful & bio compatible coating that is perfect for electronic devices and PCB's in the aviation, aerospace, military, medical technology and high risk electronics placed in harmful environments.

Protects effectively against corrosion, moisture e.g. salt water, acid, oil, grease etc. Eliminates the use of potting or lacquering.

Corrosion & abrasion protection

Corrosion and abrasion protection on metal, plastics, rubber and similar materials in harmful environments.

Protective barrier

Barrier for e.g. for filtering, membranes, moisture barrier, valves and hydrophobic coating.

Electronics protection

Electronics and electronical applications in harsh environments.

Microwave electronics

Microwave electronics and medical equipment as well as for space, avionics and military applications.

Electronic insulation

Electric insulation in very limited spaces e.g. as dielectric in VLSI circuits.

Sensor protection

Delicate sensors in harsh environments.

PCB corrosion & PCB abrasion protection

Electronics devices that are placed outside often have to withstand dirt and moisture. Parylene coating can be a lifesaver in these  situations.

Protection from wear and tear with Parylene Coating

Parylene Coating is a protective barrier that allows your PCB's to be placed and function in previously impossible surroundings.

Perfect for PCB's in wet and harsh environments

PCB protection in wet or moist environments. The Parylene coating can withstand e.g. acid, salt water, oil,  etc.

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