Wishing you a great summer
Simply enjoy

Wishing you a great summer

Summer is upon us and it is time to simply enjoy

But before locking up & diving into the summer holiday

We want to thank customers and business partners for a productive, learning-filled and joyful first half of 2022.

CORE-emt is wishing you a great summer

In Q1 of 2022 we strengthened our backoffice with more (wo)manpower. Although change and continuous improvements is constant. The administrate restructure and positive changes we planned to execute during Q2 is now fully implemented.

We cannot wait to embark on Q3 with the ability to offer you improved:

  • Service planning

  • Administrative service

  • and stronger structure in the service department

The CORE-emt team would like to wish you all a joyful summer! 

Eat ice cream, swim in the sea, barbecue a lot and do what makes you happy - so when we meet on the other side of the holiday, we are recharged and ready to create new and exciting results together.

Summer holiday closed week 29 & 30

Simply enjoy

SMT insights for you to read in the summer holiday

SMT insights

Keep up to date and learn useful PCB assembly knowledge by reading the insightful SMT news where surface-mount-technology insights are posted on a regular basic.

Emergency contact in the summer holiday in case of machine breakdown

Emergency contact

If you need our help when we are closed for the summer holiday (week 29 & 30), we have open telephone lines in case of a machinery emergency.

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