YAMAHA SMT - all the way
a complete YAMAHA SMT line-up

One brand - a full line-up

Yamaha smt all the way

YAMAHA SMT - a state of the art full line of SMT machinery  

YAMAHA SMT is not only a high-end brand were speed and accuracy is the key ingredient.

YAMAHA is offering quality SMT machinery from the dispenser to the inspection of the finished board  -  YAMAHA calls this a total line solution.

Apart from the obviously high speed, the advantage of working with YAMAHA as the one key brand in your line-up, is that every machine is using YAMAHA software. Every unit works perfectly together working within the same software user interface. This gives you the best tool, overview and possibility to analyze and optimize your SMT line.


YAMAHA dispenser

See the YAMAHA dispensing unit

YSD unit >  

Screen Printer

YAMAHA Screen Printers

Get a closer look at the YAMAHA Screen Printer machines

Screen Printer > 

Pick & Place

YAMAHA Mounter

Modulars from YAMAHA is all about  high-speed and accuracy 

Pick & Place > 


YAMAHA Inspection

SMT inspection with AOI, SPI and AXI

SMT Inspection > 


YAMAHA Software

Pick only the software that is needed

SMT Software > 

In between the YAMAHA SMT units

Let's not forget the soldering and board handling units that interact with YAMAHA machines and together they form the full line-up.

At CORE-emt we've chosen durable and reliable reflow ovens from BTU and PCB conveyors from Achat5.

YAMAHA celebrates CORE-emt
Most valuable distributor in 2017