Ideal solder paste application is achieved with Yamaha 3S head technology

The Yamaha 3S Head technology is the ideal solution for achieving precise and efficient solder paste application, allowing superior printing quality across a wide spectrum of PCBs.


The Yamaha 3S head is a trusted cutting-edge technology and innovation in solder paste application. The Yamaha 3S head is equipped with the advanced 3S: Swing Single SqueegeeIt even ensures optimal printing conditions for the specific solder used.

The 3S Head excels in handling high-difficulty printing scenarios by allowing precise control over solder application: 

  • angle
  • printing
  • and speed parameters

This precision-driven system delivers unmatched efficiency, setting a new standard for accurate solder paste application in technical processes. Elevate your manufacturing precision – with a Yamaha solder printer with its Yamaha 3S head set a new standard of superior results.

A deep dive into Yamaha 3S Head's advanced features  

Based on solder printing angle, printing and speed

Automatically adjustable attack angle for precision printing

The 3S head attack angle feature enables the automatically customization of the attack angle for each job, with a range from 45 to 65 degrees in 1-degree steps. 

This adaptability proves invaluable when dealing with diverse PCBs and paste types.

Reduce solder paste amount 

Experience a reduction in the amount of solder sticking to the squeegee, leading to significant savings in solder paste volume. 

This not only enhances efficiency but it also allows for better control over the solder charging amount.

Solder leakage stopper enhances solder print precision

The 3S Head technology includes a built-in stopper mechanism to prevent the leakage of solder, thereby minimizing the need for extensive solder scraping tasks. 

This feature also ensures precision in the solder application process.

Simplified cleaning saves time 

The 3S Head simplifies the cleaning process by turning the solder sticking / adhesive surface upwards. 

This design facilitates quick and efficient squeegee cleaning, saving valuable time during operations.

Elevate solder printing quality with the ideal solder paste application

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