NUTEK laser marker for assembly line model LMC-S3

Nutek laser marker for PCB traceability

NUTEK laser marker system LMC-S3   

This NUTEK LMC-S3 laser marking system comes with a CO2 laser. The LMC-S3 nutek laser marker for PCB assembly is a fully automatic circuit board laser marking machine for your assembly line. 

Laser marking your boards will enable traceability and the possibility to add design features to your board e.g. a logo.
The Nutek Laser Marker LMC-S3 has a user-friendly interface that makes laser marker programming both fast & easy in a Windows based software.

  - Double sided marking is possible with board inverter option.

About NUTEK laser marker system LMC-S3 

Nutek Laser Marker standard features & specifications:

  • PCB length: 80 mm - 508 mm

  • PCB width: 65 mm - 460 mm

  • Large marking area:
    - 105 mm x 105 mm per position

    - 460 mm x 460 mm total coverage

  • Laser type: CO2, 10 Watt, air cooled

  • Wavelength: 10.63 μm

  • Laser class: Class 4

  • Housing class: Class 1

  • Capability to mark text, barcodes, 2D codes and graphics.

  • Conveyor width adjustment using hand crank

  • PCB side clamping

  • Rigid machine structure with large access doors

  • Mechanical PCB lift for constant focal point

  • Fast product change-over

  • Selectable by-pass operation

  • Readability check with CCD camera

  • Three level brightness camera (lighting)

  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

  • Towerlight will show machine status

  • Controlled by industrial PC and CE certified.

  • More specifications? Downloading product flyer with all info below. 

  • Machine size: 850 x 1.645 x 1.380 mm

  • Machine weight: 700 kg.

Nutek Laser Marker LMC-S3 options:

  • Label feeder module

  • Program controlled conveyor width adjustment

  • PCB orientation check

  • Position alignment and fiducial recognition

  • Double-sided marking with integrated inverter

  • Barcode scanner (Microscan MS4)

  • Bad marking recognition

  • Network- & database connection

  • Fiber laser

  • Fume extraction (external unit, 1000 VA max.)

  • Other options are available on request

Inside LMC-S3 nutek laser marker a label feeder can be added as an option. As shown on the picture below.

NUTEK laser marker system LMC-S3 from the inside

Download the specifications about the Nutek laser marker

Nutek Laser marker LMC-S3 data flyer

Download Nutek laser marker specification flyer | Read all info on this Nutek assembly line laser marker model LMC-S3 by downloading the laser marking flyer. On page 2 you find laser marking dimension drawings.  


Nutek Laser maker LMC-S3 video

See the Nutek laser marker workflow and special features | Get a perfect understanding on how the Nutek LMC 3 pcb laser preforms laser engraving of QR codes, batch no or a barcode on PCBs to enable traceability.

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NUTEK laser marker system price & info

We can help you with PCB laser markers | Curious about this Nutek laser marker price or do you have questions to this durable Nutek laser marker LMC-S3 ? All you need to do is ask us - we are ready with personal assistance.