Coating electronics with Parylene coating

Paratech Parylene coating - a superior & versatile coating technique perfect coating on electronics

Coating of SMD and PCB is done to protect components and devices that is placed in environments exposed to dust, fungus, corrosive vapors e.g. salty vapors, liquids and moisture. We consider Parylene coating as the best protection coating of conformal sensitive SMD components in harsh environments.

Why Parylene coating for coating electronics?


High electric strength

The Dielectric strength of insulating media must be higher than the electric stress. 


Volume resistivity

Electrical resistivity quantifies how strongly a given material opposes the flow of electric current.


Low dissipation

Heat generated by electronic devices must be dissipated to improve reliability & performance.


Dielectric constant

The dielectric constant is practically insensitive to increased frequency.

It's hard to see, but...

... this board was protected before coating by dispensing rubber mask on all three connectors and the gold plated fingers.

After coating rubber mask is removed.

Result:  you have a perfect protected PCB. 

A parylene coated PCB on display

Parylene is versatile and serve many purposes 

  • Sensors in harsh environments (e.g. fuel / air sensors in vehicles)

  • Hydrophobic coating (moisture barrier in e.g. bio-medical hoses, displays devices and instruments)

  • Barrier (e.g. for filtering, membranes or valves)

  • Electronics and electronical applications in harsh environments

  • Microwave electronics and radiography equipment as well as for space, avionics and military applications

  • Corrosion protection on metal surfaces

  • Reinforcements of micro structures

  • Abrasion protection (protection from wear and tear)

  • Protection of plastics, rubber and similar materials in harmful environments

  • Reduce friction on e.g. catheters, acupuncture needles and micro electromechanical systems (MEMS).

  • Electric insulation in very limited spaces (e.g. as dielectric in VLSI circuits). 

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