— SMT line-up —

Our mission is to offer you the full SMT package.   
Here you find SMT equipment for the complete SMT line-up

Few SMT line equipment suppliers offer a full SMT production line-up. At CORE-emt we are proud to be a total supplier that offer a full SMT line.

When you choose to buy your SMT production line from one total supplier, you know that every SMT machine in your SMT line works perfectly together.

SMT line-up

SMT line-up

We offer SMT equipment  to the complete SMT line-up

See all our SMT production line equipment all the way from dispensing, screen printing, SMD mounting, soldering to inspection.

Supporting equipment for a SMT production line

SMT line support

SMT line supporting equipment that keep your line-up running smooth

To keep your SMT production line running with a minimum of down time, you need the best possible SMT supporting equipment.

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