Solder frame cleaning machines

Prolong the lifespan of your solder frames and keep flux contamination away from your wave soldering oven - dive into our solder frame cleaner range.

Solder frame cleaning machines

Support your PCB assembly line with a solder frame cleaning machine

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CL 300 
solder frame cleaner

1 chamber - 2 tanks | Clean flux residue from your solder frames and solder wave pallets with this SYSTRONIC CL300 solder frame cleaner system with all cleaning done in one chamber.

Solder frame cleaning machine cl830 from Systronic for pcb assembly

CL 830 
solder frame cleaner

1 chamber - 1 extra large tank | Deflux and remove flux residues on your solder frames, solder frame pallets, flux traps, oven parts and filters with the SYSTRONIC cl830 solder frame cleaning machine. 

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Solder frame cleaning expert

Need a price or have questions? We live and breath for bringing durable SMT solutions for OEM and EMS companies. From the line machinery to the supporting units like the solder frame cleaning machines.

Solder frame cleaning machines will ensure defluxing and that all flux residues will be removed. This will prevent that the flux residues from your solder frames will end up in your wave oven solder pool and contaminate it.

Maintenance of your solder frames are best done with an automatic solder frame cleaner. It is recommended to use a  solder frame cleaner machine to extend the solder frames lifespan and ensure best solder printing quality.