SMT Stencils for Screen printers

Etched to secure high quality in your SMT Screen Printer

To meet our costumes extremely high standards we offer high-end stencils from HP-Etch for precise solder paste application in SMT Screen printers.

 The HP-Etch stencil systems allow us to deliver solder paste stencils in an extremely short time.

A perfect SMT stencil is made like this...

When making apertures with straight trapezoidal walls (without the ‘hourglass’ shape) on a screen printer stencil, we have a high number of etch nozzles placed close to steel stencil.

Etching is performed simultaneously on the top and the bottom of the stencil surface. This special etching technique makes it possible to make clean cut and high-precision angles with a extreme accuracy.

Facts about solder paste stencils to SMT production
Screen Printer that works wonders with a HP-etch stencil

A HP-Etch steel stencil aren’t just standard

Standard stencils are made in standard steel (grain size of 20-30 μm).

To achieve the ultimate paste release and even walls HP-Etch went for grain size for just 1-2 μm. This was back in 2005 and of cause stencils now are made from this fine-grain steel to meet the high market demands.

Our steel stencils range in thicknesses from 0.030 mm up to 0.350 mm.

HP-etched steel screen printing stencils will run fantastic in your SMT Solder paste screen printer.

More information about etched stencils?

Get in touch with Steen if you have questions or want to know more.

SMT stencils with level-etching 

The increasing complexity of stencil production and different sizes in components makes it crucial to dispense the right amount of solder paste to the PCB.

Choosing HP stencils with levelled etched holes will result in solder print the exact amount of solder you need for the job in question.

You can customize an accurate stepless stencil.

You can difference the stepping from 0,02 mm to 0,08 mm.

SMT stencils with coating

TEFLON / nickel-PTFE coating
A teflon (nickle-PTFE) coating will give you a sublime release of solder to your PCB. The non-stick surface on the Teflon coating will reduce the need for wiping the stencil with cleaning paper roll.

The cleaning time will also be significantly reduced with nickel-PTFE coating on your stencils.

Nano coating
You can also apply to your exciting stencils with nano wipes