CL300 solder frame cleaning

SYSTRONIC solder frame cleaning machine

This automatic solder frame cleaning machine is perfect for you that use wave soldering and need your solder pallets and solder frames cleaned.
The SYSTRONIC CL300 can with it's large chamber clean 8 - 10 solder frames at the same time and the process time is approximately 45 minutes.

As the cl 300 systronic solder frame cleaner have 1 chamber and 2 large tanks* both clean solder frames, rinse solder frames and dry the solder frames all in the same chamber. 

* the 2 tanks ensures really high flow rate of liquid with the completely separated cycles between cleaning and drying.

  - cleans off flux residues on solder frame and solder wave pallets

SYSTRONIC CL300 is made for cleaning of solder frames and solder wave pallets.

  • Capacity: 

    - Single chamber: 8 - 10 solder frames
    - Chamber size: 500 x 500 x 600 mm

    - Usable chamber size: 470 x 485 x 600 mm

  • Chemistry: Alcaline maintenance cleaner / DI-water

  • Tank size: 2 x 95 liter - a closed loop system

  • Process time: approx. 45 min.

  • Throughput : 240 frames / day

  • Machine size: L 1.250 x  W 1.250 x H 1.880 mm

  • Machine weight: approx. 700 kg

SYSTRONIC CL300 needs maintenance cleaner detergent to function at its best. See the systronic maintenance cleaning chemistry here: