CL420 stencil cleaning machine

SYSTRONIC one chamber stencil cleaning machine

The SYSTRONIC CL420 Stencil cleaner is - compared with the smaller cl410 model - upgraded with an extra tank with separate pump, tank and filter.

That is why CL 420 stencil cleaner do both stencil cleaning, stencil rinsing and stencil drying - all in one chamber. The Stencil cleaner cl420 is also used to clean squeegee blades and misprints.

A CL420 stencil cleaning system is a part of the SYSTRONIC stencil cleaning machinery range, and it is made for companies that need to clean up to 20 stencils a day.

  - best suited for cleaning stencils & squeegee blades for PCB assembly

SYSTRONIC CL420 is made for cleaning solder paste from stencils, squeegee blades and misprints.

  • Capacity: 
    - Single chamber: 1 Stencil / frame

    - Usable chamber size: 800 x 800 x 40 mm

  • Chemistry: pH-neutral or alcaline / DI-water

  • Tank size: 2 x 75 liter - a closed loop system
    - upgradable to a PCB cleaner

  • Process time: approx. 20 min.

  • Throughput : 65 cycles / day

  • Machine size: L 910 x  W 1.405 x H 1.825 mm

  • Machine weight: approx. 350 kg

SYSTRONIC CL420 needs stencil cleaning detergent. See the systronic cleaning chemistry here: