CL610 PCB cleaning machine

SYSTRONIC inline PCB cleaning machine

An inline and ultra flexible pcb cleaning machine like the SYSTRONIC CL 610 is seldom sold as a standard unit. It will be reconfigured to meet the clients specific needs. Environment friendly closed loop for chemistry and rinsing water.

With an inline PCB cleaning system you have cleaning, rinsing and drying in separate zones throughout the CL610 inline cleaning system. See an example of the process zones in the accordion box below.

This CL610 inline cleaning system from German SYSTORNIC is available with either pin chain or meshbelt transport.

  - The highest flexibility - can be reconfigured to fit your needs

SYSTRONIC CL610 is made as an inline PCB cleaning system

  • Completely build in stainless steel - expect a durable system that is easy to clean.

  • Capacity: Parts  
    - Width: 80 – 250 mm

    - Length + depth: flexible - possible to fit all customer needs

  • Chemistry: pH-neutral or alcaline / DI-water

  • One separate tank for each function / zone in the system.
    Number of tanks / functions will vary depending of system configuration.

  • Tank size: 

    - cleaning tank 260 liter

    - 1st rinsing zone 115 liter

    - 2nd + 3rd rinsing zones have 138 liter

  • Process time: approx. 27 minutes*

  • Throughput : time is defined by the speed of the line in which the CL610 is implemented.

  • Machine size: L 6.000 x  W 2.000 x H 1.500 mm*

* example info as the SYSTRONIC CL610 can be reconfigured after your PCB cleaning needs, and this will change the data above.

SYSTRONIC CL610 pcb cleaning concept explained by process zones:

  1. Entry zone | 330 mm


  2. Cleaning zone | 1.100 mm

  3. Rest zone with air knife | 300 mm

  4. Rinsing zone 1 | 300 mm

  5. Rest zone with air knife | 300 mm

  6. Rinsing zone 2 | 300 mm

  7. Rest zone with air knife | 300 mm

  8. Rinsing zone 3 | 300 mm

  9. Rest zone with air knife | 300 mm

  10. Drying zone | 1.200 mm 

  11. Cooling zone | 600 mm

  12. Exit zone 

Note that the above is a example on a possible configuration of the SYSTRONIC CL610 pcb cleaning system.