CL900 PCB cleaning machine

SYSTRONIC one chamber PCB cleaning machine

The SYSTRONIC CL900 PCB cleaner uses a single chamber to perform 3 essential PCB cleaning steps: cleaning, rinsing and drying the pcb.

The cleaning is performed by 4 rotating arms that spray the pcb's simultaneously - this is displayed in the demonstration video below. 

With completely separated cycles between cleaning and rinsing, the CL900 pcb cleaning machine thereby avoid any mixing of  cleaning chemistry and rinsing water.

  - Large 95 liter tank for each cycle; cleaning and rinsing.

SYSTRONIC CL900 is made for PCB cleaning

  • Capacity: 

    - Basket 500 x 500 x 200 mm (max. height 600mm)

    - Usable chamber size: 500 x 500 x 600 mm 

  • Chemistry: pH-neutral or alcaline / DI-water

  • Tank size: 2 x 95 Liter
    Optional as closed loop system

  • Process time: approx. 45 - 70 min.

  • Throughput : 20 cycles / day

  • Machine size: L 1.250 x  W 1.250 x H 1.880 mm

  • Machine weight: 700 kg | With DI water refreshing 1.020 kg.