YAMAHA T-tool - Traceability software package

The T-Tool package records all required production data for perfect SMT traceability

The T-Tool software gives you perfect SMT line traceability and reporting on batch, component-level and product information response.

Make a conscious assembly line software choice - seek the highest SMT traceability with YAMAHA traceability software.

The T-tool software

YAMAHA traceability software

The picture shows the 4 software packages; the Traceability tool performs in combination with the Setup and Programming tool as traceability is naturally extension of the workflow after setup and programming.
The YAMAHA T-Tool software gives you accurate production line traceability and is an IT server based solution.

No SMT production line is the same - that is why all OEM and EMS companies need different software packages. Please use our expert guidance when choosing the right software package. 

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