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Air wave solder THT dip line

Wave solder ICT W4

The W4 wave solder is the largest in the ICT wave solder W series for THT soldering process. The ICT w4 wave soldering unit is a great wave solder choice for a SMT dip line. 

With the closed-loop speed control systems the stable W4 wave solder transportation control accuracy is ± 2 mm / min. 

The wave solder W4 comes with independent PLC + PID temperature control and preheat temperature monitoring in real-time.

  - Total length 4.200 mm

About the wave solder ICT W4 - SMT dip line 

  • PCB width: 60 - 350 mm

  • PCB clap finger: Double hook claw (standard)

  • Solder pot temperature: 300°C 

  • Solder pot capacity: 350 kg

  • Solder pot warm-up time*:  approx. 120 min (setting: 250°C)
    * The ICT W4 wave solder has a timer function that can be set to preheat the solder pot in advance before production

  • Preheating zones: 4

  • Preheating length: 1.800 mm 

  • Machine size: 4.200 x 1.250 x 1.500 mm

  • Machine weight: Approx. 1.500 kg

For more specifications about the ICT W4 wave solder, download the product flyer below.

Nitrogen system as an option

  • Consumption: 12m³/H 1000PPM

  • Pressure: 0.5 - 0.8 MPa

  • Flowmeter: 3

  • N2 Sources: ≤10PPM

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Wave solder ICT W4 smt dip line flyer

W4 wave solder flyer for download
Download the complete W-series wave solder product flyer with all wave solder specifications and informative product pictures.


Wave solder ICT W4 smt dip line video

Video presentation of the ICT W4 smt dip line while the W4 wave solder dip line runs a board through the wave soldering process. You also see the user interface and how to preform easy maintenance.

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