YAMAHA YSD solder paste dispensing for PCB assembly lines

YAMAHA YSD - the accurate smd dispenser

YAMAHA YSD dispenser​

This YAMAHA Dispenser machine is a high speed and incredible accuracy solder paste dispensing machinery for your SMT line-up.

A full automatic dispensing machine applying solder paste to PCB's will give you both high flexibility and accuracy when dispensing solder paste. 

YAMAHA YSD is a solder paste dispensing and glue dispensing machine that comes with easy programming that makes it attractive to use for prototypes and small productions.

  - Cycle time 0,07 sec/shot

About YAMAHA YSD dispenser 

  • Applicable PCB: 
    - L 510 x W 460 mm  to  L 50 x W 50 mm

  • Dispense speed: 0.07 shot

  • Dispensing accuracy ±50 micron (μ + 3σ)

  • Dispense system: Air pulse (Paste & Glue)

  • Dispense nozzles: 11 types

  • Heads: 2 dispenser heads

  • Options
    - a 3rd dispenser head
    - Non contact dispensing
    - Dot calibration station
    - extra long boards: L 1.200 mm
    YAMAHA factory tools

  • Machine size: L 1.254 mm x W 1.419 mm x H 1.445 mm

  • Machine weigh: 1.250 kg

The SMT glues for double sided boards are for some manufactures considered a challenging and unreliable process. Typically, it involves either contact dispensing with a needle or screen printing the glue through a stencil. 

Contact dispensing or glue printing put some limits to PCB design, dot size and speed. Also glue printing can cause smearing if the stencil is not kept meticulously clean. 

YAMAHA SMT presents the fast, reliable and accurate YSD dispenser that provides:

Non-contact dispensing

Excellent dispensing & coating on board cavities, on already part-mounted boards and where stoppers cannot be used such as on high-density mounted boards.

Line & dot dispensing

Dispenses in dots and in line patterns to match the board shape. Performs a variety of applications such as filling and insulating tasks.

2 or 3 dispensing heads 

Match your production format and select 2 head (standard) or 3 head (option), that each have independent Z-axis & R axis servo control.

Direct syringe and nozzle mounting that supports multi-fluid and multi-state liquid dispensing. 

Wide dispensing nozzle selection 

YAMAHA YSD non-contact dot dispensing

dot dispensing with YAMAHA YSD

 Line dispensing with YAMAHA YSD

Line dispensing with YAMAHA YSD

Yamaha dispensing heads for glue and solder paste dispensing

3 head dispensing with YAMAHA YSD

YAMAHA dispenser YSD flyer with specifications to download

YAMAHA YSD spec sheet

Download the YAMAHA YSD Dispenser spec sheet and find all specifications and information about the automatic YAMAHA YSD solder paste dispenser. 
Click on the download button below to download flyer with specifications.


YAMAHA YSD dispenser video

Get an introduction to this solder paste dispenser machine and see what the YAMAHA YSD dispenser can do e.g. non contact dot dispensing. The high speed SMT dispenser from YAMAHA is a both a solder paste dispenser & glue dispenser.

Price on yamaha YSD dispenser

Yamaha YSD price or more info?

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