Awarded for outstanding accomplishment in sales
Essegi sales meeting awards 2022

CORE-emt is awarded for outstanding accomplishment in sales

ESSEGI Automation, the manufactures of the Storage Solutions system awarded CORE-emt with the acclaimed 'Outstanding accomplishment in sales 2022' award

Storage solutions - a hit with the electronics manufactures 

The award is not only a recognition to the sales team, but a testament to a worthwhile SMD storage system that the electronics industry really needs, and a gratifying collaboration between Essegi Automation and CORE-emt.

'Although we have recently come out of a period of lockdown and restrictions, ESSEGI Automation want to reward our Danish distributor, CORE-emt A/S, for a constant percentage growth in sales with 'Outstanding accomplishment in sales' Award.'
Congratulations to the CORE-emt team!

State José Luis Cicciò, Sales Manager at Essegi Automation

CORE-emt is awarded by Alberto Caleari for outstanding accomplishment in sales
The CORE-emt team is thankful for the award and look forward to introducing more companies to the storage solutions systems in 2023.
Alberto Caleari, Essegi Automation Area sales manager presents the award
to the CORE-emt sales team members Peter R. Valentin & Kai Koivunen.

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