Hallo summer 2020
collect moments - not things

Summer holiday 2020

The time to collect moments - not things...

Don't you just love how summer wraps it's arms around you like a warm blanket?

If you (like me) this year held your breath - felt fear and with a surreal wonder saw the that world stood still due to covid-19, the 'warm blanket of summer' is especially welcome this year 🥰

When something unexpected like covid-19 strikes, you can either:

  • lean back and wait (freeze)

  • do business as usual and try to ignore the changed world in front of you (flight)

  • or you can reach for the opportunity that lie within a unknown situation and prepare for what comes next (fight)

Give this some thought. If you are completely honest it can learn about your response pattern.

Be constructive and use the info to see if your response pattern is working with or against you.

A conscious choice to fight was made at CORE-emt back in mid-March and a strategy was clear for the following months - we aimed to improve the customer experience. 

The result is a showroom version 2.0 with a customer lounge, a new SMT shop mainly for consumables but also YAMAHA feeder spare parts, cleaning items, ESD footwear & other cool stuff.

Summer holiday closed week 28 & 29

Summer is a happy place

Before and after the summer holiday you can visit our new SMT showroom

New showroom v2.0

We can't wait to welcome you in our new showroom surroundings.  Browse through the SMT showroom with SMT machinery on display or kick back on our new customer lounge.

Shop at CORE-emt SMT shop in your summer holiday

New SMT shop

Presenting a our new updated SMT shop that grand you access to 24/7 online shopping of SMT consumables, ESD safety footwear, original YAMAHA feeder spare parts and more 

Emergency contact in case of machinery emergency in the summer holiday

Emergency contact

If you need our help when we are closed for the summer holiday (week 28 & 29), we have an open telephone line in case of a machinery emergency.

AAA = a healthy SMT partner
CORE-emt a healthy company