Laser mark PCB's with an ID code

PCB laser engraving

Identify every single board 

In-line laser mark pcb machinery for traceability 

PCB laser engraving machines

Laser engrave an ID code onto every board

You could think that PCB barcode laser marking would be your only option.
But with a PCB laser marking system you can also engrave a QR code, a date, text or another kind of code on your board. 

Laser mark your PCB boards to make traceability possible

Enable traceability with a laser engraving machine

With a PCB laser you can give your boards an ID information code.
This PCB ID code will be readable for the machinery along your assembly line, making PCB laser marking a first step in PCB traceability.

PCB laser marking system for PCB assembly line

An in-line PCB laser marking system

"We have chosen to offer you the Nutek PCB laser markers because of their dual marking system that meets the market demand for higher capacity" explains Steen V. Haugbølle, Managing Director at CORE-emt.

Fantastic way to make your mark

See all specifications on the NUTEK laser marking machines

Reduce PCB laser marking time

Reducing time when laser marking your PCB's with a ID code could be key for the flow within your assembly line.

Here you find a few tips on what to take into consideration before buying a PCB laser marker or PCB laser engraving machine. 

  1. Chose a laser marking machine with two laser heads.
    This way you can laser mark at double speed.

  2. Keep an eye on the user interface.
    Find one that makes programming easy and fast.

  3. Reduce the size of your ID code size.
    Consider a laser marker that can make smaller laser markings.