YAMAHA Screen Printer YSP10
Now available in Scandinavia

YAMAHA Screen Printer YSP10

- now available in Scandinavia

We are happy to announce that the new YAMAHA YSP10 now is available.

"What really sets the Screen Printer YSP10 from YAMAHA apart is the 3S head.

Combining the possibility to adjust solder paste amount, correct pressure
and angle on squeegee blade - all functions gathered in the 3S head.

Giving you higher accuracy on repeat-ability" states

  Steen V. Haugbølle
Managing Director & Sales Manager

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Steen will answer everything about the YSP10

Automatic cleaning

YSP10 feature

Fast and easy to work with.

3S head
printing system

YSP10 feature

3S = Swing Single Squeezee.

High speed
low cycle time

YSP10 feature

YAMAHA high-speed machine.


YSP10 feature

Precise solder paste printing.

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