Solder Paste Screen Printer YAMAHA YSP10 is a YAMAHA Solder printer

Premium solder printer

Yamaha YSP10 screen printer

The high speed solder paste screen printer YAMAHA YSP10 with auto cleaning system & the Yamaha 3S head (Swing Single Squeegee) for optimal screen printing conditions adjustable to match the solder paste being used.

With a YAMAHA screen printer like the YSP10 model you can expect accurate screen printing due to stencil vacuum and composite image alignment function with this YAMAHA printer.

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  - Cycle time: 10 sec - incl. transport and printing

About YAMAHA YSP10 Screen Printer premium solder printer

  • High-speed solder printing capability: 

    - 10* sec/cycle

    - 12* sec/cycle including cleaning.

       * standard printing: under optimum condition, including board transfer time and printing time

  • Wet print accuracy: ±25 μm ( 6σ )

  • Positioning repeat-ability accuracy: ±10 μm ( 6σ )

  • Stencils up to L 750 x  W 750 mm

  • Printing head information:

    - 3S head 
    - 3S = Swing Single Squeegee

    - Squeegee speed: 2 to 200 mm/sec

    - Squeegee pressing force: 5 to 200 N +/- 2N ( feedback control )

    - Squeegee variable printing attack angle: 45 to 65 degree 

    - Squeegee blade material: Metal or Urethane

  • Options:

    - 2D print inspection camera

    - right-to-left transport

    - PCB vacuum system

    - UPS system

    - PSC system (PSC: Print Stability Control) 

    - Temperature control unit

    - Solder remaining quantity

    - Automatic stencil exchange

    - Automatic push-up pin exchange function

    - Automatic solder transfer function

    - Applicable PCB: L 610 x W 510 mm

    - Software: YAMAHA Factory Tools

  • Machine size:  with conveyor: L 1.640 mm x W 1.990 mm x H 1.525 mm

  • Machine weigh: 1.700 kg

YAMAHA SMT has published an indebt technical article about how the YAMAHA YSP10 boosts productivity with the automated solder paste and stencil exchange.

Solder printer spec sheet on YAMAHA YSP10 screen printer

YSP10 spec sheet

Download Yamaha YSP10 brochure | Including the screen Printer spec sheet on YSP10 & more info on the ultra fast cycle time, accurate printing on YAMAHA YSP10 solder paste Screen Printer.


Video Yamaha YSP10

Premium screen printer YSP10 | Get a visual introduction of the YAMAHA YSP10 SMT Screen Printer. Solder printer YSP10 is from YAMAHA SMT. Click on the button to see the YAMAHA YSP 10 video.

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