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YAMAHA SMT presents flagship AOI system at Productronica event

YAMAHA SMT will present its flagship YSi-V AOI system at the 3D-AOI Arena at Productronica 2019. A unique chance to see YAMAHA's YSi-V 3D inline AOI system up close and get expert guidance to discover how state-of-the-art optical inspection can boost precision and productivity in your assembly line.

YAMAHA SMT revs your heart

A unique opportunity to compare AOI machinery from different brands

At the multi-vendor 3D-AOI Arena on the Productronica expo there is created a platform for direct comparison of AOI machinery to help visitors understand the latest advances and make informed decisions.
Opening this event, a panel of containing representatives of each company will set the scene with a brief Q&A. Visitors can then get detailed information from manufacturers’ technical teams during subsequent hands-on sessions.

Mr. Ichiro Arimoto, Yamaha Motor Europe IM division, explains “High-performance AOI inspection is increasingly important, not only to handle the growing complexity of today’s assemblies but also to enable real-time line management and capture high-accuracy data for continuous improvement. Our YSi-V system, which visitors can see in close-up detail at this innovative event, makes it real with state-of-the-art lighting and machine-vision technologies for cutting-edge accuracy, resolution, and high speed.

Yamaha’s YSi-V 3D inline AOI system can be deployed after placement and after reflow to support quality assurance and process control. Leveraging sophisticated communication between the YSi-V and the mounters and screen-print / dispensing machines of Yamaha’s Total Line Solution, the Yamaha Factory Automation 4.0 tools including QA Options can quickly trace the causes of any defects back to the associated feeder, nozzle, or stencil aperture to help restore process control.

With up to 12Mpixels camera resolution, the YSi-V performs multi-angle and multi-wavelength 2D and 3D optical inspection for today’s most advanced surface-mount assembly challenges. Laser checking of component height and coplanarity is also built-in, enabling fast and accurate inspection of complex mixed-technology assemblies containing any combination of tiny SMDs, fine-pitch ICs and chip-scale packages, and through-hole parts.

The AOI event to attend

A 45-minute event will be presented alternately in German and English.   

    The 3D-AOI Arena in Hall A2 - booth 506.

   Starting from 10.00 am every day

  12 - 15 of November 2019


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