NUTEK buffer the single magazine buffer version

Single magazine & Multi magazine Nutek buffer​

Nutek buffer

Both the Nutek single magazine buffer and the Nutek multi magazine buffer have 6 standard modes. Naturally they work as a Nutek LIFO buffer and Nutek FIFO buffer.  Furthermore the Nutek buffers also offer unload mode, load mode, Reject mode and By-pass mode.

The Nutek buffer keep the magazines automatic alignment by lower and upper pneumatic clamping.

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About assembly line buffer conveyors: Nutek buffer

Nutek buffer conveyors; 
NTM610S single magazine buffer &
NTM620S multi magazine buffer comes with:

  • 6 standard operation modes:

    LIFO buffer mode
    - FIFO buffer mode

    - Unload mode

    - Load mode

    - Reject mode

    - By-pass mode

  • Towerlight displays machine status.

  • Selectable pitch settings.

  • Dual function pusher conveyor.

  • Pressure limitation on pneumatic pushers.

  • Exchange magazine from rear of the machine

  • Tailor made to the magazine of your choice.

  • Threshold signal to protect PCB’s in upstream oven.

  • Automatic magazine alignment by upper- and lower pneumatic clamping.

  • Controlled by PLC & CE certified.

    Download spec sheet below to get all specifications.

Options for Nutek assembly line buffers conveyors:

  • By-pass conveyor above magazine platform

  • 3 different width adjustment options:
    a) electrical conveyor
    b) automatic conveyor
    c) magazine conveyor

  • Magazine exchange on front-side 

  • Touchscreen

  • Alarm buzzer

  • Other options available on request - get personal assistance for this

Nutek single magazine buffer conveyor for assembly line specifications to download

Nutek buffer single magazine

Download single magazine buffer flyer | Here you find all specifications on NUTEK single magazine buffer. An Nutek buffer is perfect for your PCB production line.

Nutek buffer, multi magazine conveyor flyer to download

Nutek buffer 
multi magazine

Download multi magazine buffer flyer | Want to know more? Download & find all info and specifications on this Nutek multi magazine buffer.


Video | Nutek buffer magazine based

See Nutek's PCB magazine buffer operation video that also show the magazine buffers features.

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