Nutek buffer

Nutek buffer - Single magazine & Multi magazine

Both the Nutek single magazine buffer and the Nutek multi magazine buffer have 6 standard modes. Naturally they work as a Nutek LIFO buffer and Nutek FIFO buffer.  Futhermore the nutek buffers also offer unload mode, load mode, Reject mode and By-pass mode.

The Nutek buffer keep the magazines automatic alignmed by lower and upper pneumatic clamping.

  - Magazine based assembly line buffers

Nutek buffer conveyors; single magazine & multi magazine comes with:

  • 6 standard operation modes:

    LIFO buffer mode
    - FIFO buffer mode

    - Unload mode

    - Load mode

    - Reject mode

    - By-pass mode

  • Towerlight displays machine status.

  • Selectable pitch settings.

  • Dual function pusher conveyor.

  • Pressure limitation on pneumatic pushers.

  • Exchange magazine from rear of the machine

  • Tailor made to the magazine of your choice.

  • Threshold signal to protect PCB’s in upstream oven.

  • Automatic magazine alignment by upper- and lower pneumatic clamping.

  • Controlled by PLC & CE certified.

    Download spec sheet below to get all specifications.

Options for Nutek assembly line buffers conveyors:

  • By-pass conveyor above magazine platform

  • 3 different width adjustment options:
    a) electrical conveyor
    b) automatic conveyor
    c) magazine conveyor

  • Magazine exchange on front-side 

  • Touchscreen

  • Alarm buzzer

  • Other options available on request - get personal assistance for this