Nutek buffer tower is also called the belt fifo buffer

Nutek tower buffer for SMT line 

Nutek tower buffer is the Nutek belt FIFO buffer

This Nutek tower buffer is belt based that is why it's also called the Nutek belt FIFO buffer. As a standard it comes with a fifo mode making this conveyor buffer tower useful in any PCB assembly line.

The fast PCB buffer conveyors from Nutek holds the PCB on its complete length.

Nutek buffer tower has 20 belts on top of each other and the tower buffer have a cycle time is in between 8-30 seconds with an average of ~ 15 seconds. You can create lower cycle time with the 'servo drive upgrade' option.

  - Belt based tower buffer | Buffer capacity: 20 PCB's at once

About Nutek tower buffer - the nutek belt fifo buffer

The Nutek NTM 600S tower buffer comes with these standard features:

  • Selectable: 

    - FIFO - LIFO - by-pass mode.

    - pitch settings.

  • Threshold signal to protect PCB's in upstream reflow oven.

  • Conveyor width adjustment by using hand crank.

  • Towerlight to display machine status.

  • Controlled by PLC and fully CE certified.

    Below you can download flyer with all specifications on this buffer. 

Options available  for the  buffer tower belt conveyor:

  • Touchscreen

  • Buzzer alarm

  • Reject mode for buffering bad boards

  • Shorter cycle time with Servo drive upgrade

  • Conveyor cantilevered out- or input conveyor, length 500 mm

  • Conveyor width adjustment

    - Electrical 

    - Automatic 

  • Adjustable threshold counter

  • Cool down timer or package

  • Other options available on request - contact us for these

Inside the Nutek buffer tower; lifo / fifo belts

See Lifo belts and fifo belts inside the Nutek buffer tower  

Download Nutek buffer tower specifications on Nutek belt fifo buffer

Buffer tower flyer

Download buffer tower spec sheet
PCB buffer flyer with all specifications and more info available for download. This Nutek tower buffer is also called the Nutek fifo belt buffer tower. 


Belt buffer video

We invite you to take a closer look NUTEK's PCB belt buffer |  In this presentation video you see the tower buffers operation and buffer tower features.

Price on a PCB buffer tower like the nutek belt fifo buffer

Price & more info?

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