Nutek linking conveyor

Nutek conveyor linking assembly line machinery

Durable PCB assembly line conveyors in 4 different standard lenghts, linking together your SMT assembly line. Place in between any assembly line machinery to transport your pcb safely from one machine to the next.

Inline transport board handling conveyor from Nutek for excellent PCB handling. Nutek are specialized in pcb assembly conveyors and they are known for their huge PCB conveyor range. 

  - Note:  Inspect function at exit by a sensor as an option

Nutek conveyor belt standard features:

  • The Nutek linking conveyors comes in 3 versions.

  • All 3 versions comes in 4 standard lengths: 500, 1.000, 1.500 & 2.000 mm.

  • Multi zone concept available
    - standard segment length is 500 mm.

  • Conveyor width are adjustable by using hand crank.

  • Controlled by PLC and CE certified.

    Download spec sheet below to get all specifications.

Options to add to the Nutek conveyor belt unit:

  • Variable speed per segment

  • Dual speed per segment

  • Non standard lengths on conveyor / segment

  • Hinged top cover

  • Electrical conveyor width adjustment

  • Automatic conveyor width adjustment

  • Inspect function at exit sensor.

  • Other options available on request  - contact us for this