Nutek inverter conveyor

Nutek inverter conveyor - the pcb flip conveyor

This Nutek inverter conveyor with PCB flip / inverter function. The board can be flipped 180 degrees or be set in pass mode and not flip the board. 
This traffic control PCB flip conveyor can invert boards in your SMT assembly line.

Nutek inverter conveyor is the perfect pcb flip conveyor for PCB assembly and it enables double-sided mounting. The inverter conveyor has both a invert / flip and pass mode. The pass mode is used when the pcb doesn't need flipping. See more traffic control conveyors.

  - PCB flip conveyor can invert your boards in-line

Nutek inverter conveyor comes as standard with:

  • Keep PCB in position during inverting by pneumatic stopper.

  • Selectable 'by-pass' mode.

  • Use hand crank to adjust conveyor width.

  • Controlled by PLC & fully CE certified.

    Download spec sheet below to get all specifications.

Options to add to the Nutek inverter conveyor 

  • Touchscreen

  • Towerlight

  • Alarm buzzer

  • Upgrade for shortened cycle time

  • Electrical conveyor width adjustment

  • Automatic conveyor width adjustment

  • 500 mm length cantilevered in- or output conveyor

  • Top clamping to hold down board during inverting

  • Other options available on request - contact us for this